[programming] concept of programming language

I like learn programming language what I didn’t use for job. it’s like hobby. it’s pretty fun because I feel spent more time for my main using language but as always tempting to trying side fun thing.
I usually using javascript and typescript with React. I like it. but nowadays I spent more time outside of React. like Node(nest), Deno, Rust, Python.

I think I should little bit more focus on React but learning different language has benefit! when learning some different language, it’s not just learning usage. it’s gave me some idea or concept of programming.

for example, nest is node.js framework. it has good struct. it’s solid and useful. so, I trying to adopt that struct to React! and Rust’s concept for strict and efficiency is helpful for think about better code.

my time is limited. so I need some optimization for using time and my energy. it’s not easy but I’ll trying to be better!